The Little Bug's

Can/Am Ch TopFlite Dreams Kramatir ex
Am DC/Can/Ukc Ch Charsada Dreams Can Come True SC LCM FChX ORM SRM

Born 04 June 2011
Two Boys/Two Girls

Eight hours Old

24 hours old

7 days old

2 weeks old

20 days old, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW !!!- Boy

Little "LadyBug"- 20 days- Girl

Girl- 20 days old

Boy 20 days old.

Growing up

6 weeks

"Cricket" (F)

"Sebastian" (M)

"Jasmine" (F)

"Marvin" (M)

8 weeks

Charsada When U Wish UponAStar

Charsada Let the Memories Begin

Charsada A Whole New World

Charsada Live The Adventure