Fancy Braided Slip Collars

By Brenda Burns
Charsada Afghan Hounds

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Leather Braid 4mm- 3/4 inch rings  (measurement does not include the rings)
Metal and Glass beads
I have just realized the turquoise and silver or gold are not real leather, but pleather.
They are strong with a core and are very eye catching.
Beads are loose, so when on a loose lead they will fall into place like a fancy necklace.

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Yellow 16" 7 beads with pendant in the center
Item #6

Turquoise and silver braid 12" 9 beads including bunny beads
Item #7

Brown 15 1/2 " 7 beads
Item #8

Red/gray braid 15" 7 beads with pendant
Beads are loose but will need to be placed
Item #9

Yellow 15 1/2 inch 7 beads with pendant
Item #10




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Item # 160406246695

Turquoise and Gold 17 1/2 inch with 9 beads (glass, stone and "rhinestone") with Pendant and Bunnies
Item #13

On Ebay with matching thumb lead
Item #   160406240927

Turquoise and Silver 16 1/2 inch with 11 beads (glass and stone) with Bunnies
Item #14

Turquoise and Gold 16 1/2 inch with 11 beads (glass, stone and "rhinestone")
Item #15

SOLD On Ebay
Item # 16

                         Charsada Afghan Hounds  Reg'd

   Looks great on any breed.  

 Afghan Hound



Jack Russell

Redbone Coonhound

Labrador Retriever