Charsada Reg'd Afghan Hounds

Going for the Points
born 20 Jun 2005
Can Ch. TopFlite Dreams Kramatir ex Can Ch Charsada Aboriginal Dreamtime

Can /Ukc Ch.Charsada Dream No Small Dreams JC
Jeanie Martin
news flash
"Form and Function"
Malone wins the Biathalon-show and field- at the
Afghan Hound Club of Canada National Specialty Show
03 September 2007


In Canada
Winners dog/Best of Winners/Best Puppy
Elgin County Kennel Club- 22 Jan 2006
Martin Doherty-
1 point
Winners Dog/ Best of Opposite
Orangeville Kennel Club - March 03, 2006
Jack Ireland-
1 point
Reserve Best in All Breed Sweeptakes
Guelph and District Kennel Club- April 21/22. 2006
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best Puppy Mrs Sandy Gelinas- 2 points

Mr Goran Bodegard from Sweden- 2 points

With Many thanks to Craig Watt

Winners Dog/Best of Winners/ Best Puppy- Forest City Kennel Club- 13th May, 2006
Judge Tom Nesbitt- 2 Points
Reserve Winners Dog-Forest City Kennel Club-14th May, 2006- Judge Tim Doxater
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best Puppy-Erie Shores Kennel Club- 04 June 2006
Judge Les Morison- South Africa- 3 Points- FINISHED
Reserve Winners Dog/Best Puppy- Southern Counties Hound Breeds Assoc-04 June2006-
Judge Ed Gilbert but do to an entry error was credited with Winners Dog for another 3 points.
(same day show no time to move up)
In America.....
 Malone went coursing!! just after his first birthday and came home with his JC (Junior courser)
more to come
Malone is also a Triathalon winner-Show, Field and Obedience!! 

Tally HO !!!!

Malone is now more than half way to his ASFA Field Championship
Started on his Canadian Field Championship title and his CARA (ovals and straights) titles.

Onward and Upward
Malone is now pointed in the US
Winners Dog/Best Of Winners-1 point-Wyoming Kennel Club, NY-17 Febuary 2007-
 Judge Mrs K Wilson
Winners Dog(Broken Major)- 1point-Buffalo Kennel Club, NY- 08 July 2007- Judge Pat Trotter

"Malone" is now UKC Champion
with 1 Group 1st and 4 Group 2nd's
  28 July 2007

Ukc/AM. Ch. Charsada Fulfills A Dreams JC
Guy Bagley

In America
Best of Breed for a 3 Point Major-
Wisconsin Kennel Club
04 March 2006-
Judge Raymond Filbert Jr
Reserve to the Major-05 March 2006
Judge Carol Reisman
Kennel Club of Yorkville, IL
Reserve to the Major-09April 2006
Judge Jane Roppolo
Winners Dog/Best of Winners- 1 point-Steel City Kennel Club, IN-16 April 2006
Judge Joseph Gregory
Best of Breed- 1 point- Fond du Lac Kennel Club WI-23April 2006- Judge Judy Webb
Best of Breed- 2 points (broken major)- Packerland Kennel Club WI-29April 2006
Judge Mrs. Robert D Smith
New UKC Champion - 04/05 June 2006 in one weekend including a Reserve Best in Show!
Winners Dog/Best of Winners for a 4 point Major-Waukesha Kennel Club-30 July 2006-
Judge Ms Dianne Malenfant
Best of Opposite in Sweeps- Greater Twin Cities Specialty-25 August 2006
Best of Breed- Kettle Moraine Kennel Club- 02 September 2006- Judge John P Wade- 1 point
Best of Breed-Manitowoc County Kennel Club- 17 September 2006-Judge Dr. Edna Martin-2 points
Finished!!! Winners Dog/Best of  Winners- Mason City Kennel Club- 14 October 2006-
Judge John Wade- 1 point

Tally Ho!!......................Go!!!.............

Dakota hits the Field and now has another title- JC- Junior Courser!!! 28/29 October 2006

Best Of Opposite-Minneapolis Kennel Club, MN-18 November 2006- Judge Mrs. M Patterson
Best Of Breed- Minneapolis Kennel Club, MN-19 November 2006- Judge Mrs P.B Peat
Best Of Breed-Oshkosh Kennel Club,WI-14 January 2007- Judge Mr. D.A. Johnson
Best Of Breed-Park Shore Kennel Club,IL-27 January 2007- Judge Mr. J.E. Frederiksen
Best Of Breeed- Chain O'Lakes Kennel Club, IL-28 January 2007- Judge Col. J.B. Purkhiser
Best Of Breed-Group 3rd- Keomah Kenel Club, IA-18 Febuary 2007-
Breed/Group Judge Dr. E.K. Martin
Best Of Opposite- Afghan Hound Club of Greater Milwaukee, WI- 02 March 2007-
Judge Dr. J. Klein
Best Of Opposite- Wisconsin Kennel Club, WI-03 March 2007- Judge Ms. M. Martorella
Best Of Opposite- Wisconsin  Kennel Club, WI-04 March 2007- Judge Ms. J.S. Brewster
Best Of Breed- Group 1st-Dubuque Kennel Club, IA-24 March 2007-
Breed Judge Ms. Kalen Dumke/Group Judge- Mrs Houston (Toddie) Clark
Best Of Breed- Group 2nd- Dubuque Kennel Club, IA- 25 March 2007-
Breed/Group Judge Helen Miller
Best Of Breed-Clinton Iowa Kennel Club-31 March 2007- Judge Dr. R. Spritzer
Best Of Breed-Steel City Kennel Club, IN- 14 April 2007- Judge Pat Trotter
Best Of Breed-Fond du Lac Kennel Club, WI- 21April 2007-Judge Anne Fleming
Best Of Breed-Fond du Lac Kennel Club, WI- 22April 2007- Judge James White
Best of Breed- Group 2nd- Sandemac, IL-29 April 2007- Breed/Group Judge Donald C Martin
Best Of Breed- Group 4th- Badger Kennel Club, WI-04 May 2007-
 Breed/Group Judge Myron (Corky) Gauger
Best Of Breed-Janesville Beloit Kennel Club, WI-05 May 2007-Judge Dale D Simmons
Best Of Breed-Group 3rd-Badger Kennel Club, WI-06 May 2007-
Breed/Group Judge Marcos Adler
Best Of Breed-Group 4th- Kokomo Kennel Club, IN-19 May 2007-
Breed/Group Judge-Raymond Filburn Jr.
Best Of Breed- Fox River Valley, IL-02 June 2007- Judge  Dennis Kniola
Best Of Breed-Stone City, IL-03 June 2007- Judge Mary Ann Alston
Best Of Breed-Greater DeKalb Kennel Club- DeKalb, IL- 08 July 2007- Judge Carol Duffy
Best Of Opposite- Greater DeKalb Kennel Club- DeKalb, IL- 09 Jul 2007- Judge Lynn Mercer

After a small hiatus-    DAKOTA IS BACK
Best of Breed- Group 4th- Marshfield Kennel Club- Marshfield, WI- 18 Aug 2007-
Breed- Judge Elaine Whitney/Group Judge Pete Dawkins
Best of Breed- Group 2nd- Stone City Kennel Club- Morris Il-07 October 2007-
Judge Dr. Edna Martin
Dakota Finishes 2007 as # 18 Afghan Hound All Breed Standings
and #25 Afghan Hound Breed Standings

Can/Ukc New Am.
Ch. Charsada Dreams Can Come True JC, ASFA FCh

Brenda Burns

ladybug animation
In America

Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite
The Kennel Club of Buffalo NY
14 Jan 2006-Judge George Heitzman
Reserve Winners Bitch
Wyoming Valley Kennel Club NY
18 Feb 2006-Judge Doris Wedermann
Reserve Winners Bitch
Olean Kennel Club NY
Reserve Winners Bitch
19 Feb 2006-Judge  Betty Stites
Kennel Club Of Buffalo, NY
Reserve Winners Bitch
13 January 2007-Judge Mr.H.R Hastings III

Ashtabula Kennel Club NY-Reserve Winners Bitch-14 January 2007- Judge Dr. A. P. Gallant
Wyoming Valley Kennel Club, NY-Winners Bitch/Best Of Opposite-
 1 Point-17Febuary 2007-
Judge Mrs. K.C Wilson
Olean Kennel Club NY-Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite (over a special)
1 Point-18 Febuary 2007- Judge Dr.R.D Smith
Kennel Club Of Buffalo, NY-Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite- 2 points-08 Jul 2007-
Judge- Pat Trotter

Kanadasaga Kennel Club- Romulus, NY-Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite (over Specials)
 5 point MAJOR- 30 September 2007- Judge Lisa Warren
Kennel Club of Buffalo . NY- Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite- 3 Point MAJOR-
12 January 2008- Judge Barbara Pepper
Ashtabula Kennel Club , NY- Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite- 3 point MAJOR-
13 Jan 2008-Judge Judy Webb
FINISHED!!!!  American Championship

Tally HO!!!

LadyBug earned her JC (Junior Courser) 4/5 days after
her first birthday along with Brother Malone!!!

LadyBug is now pointed CKC coursing and CARA/Racing straights and ovals.

  Her first Lure Coursing event of 2007 LadyBug goes
21 April, LCLC Youngstown, NY
and again
23 June, LCLC Youngstown, NY

Tally HO!!
Lady Bug Makes her Debut
in ASFA top 20 for
At Number 6
   July 2007

LadyBug starts AKC coursing with a 3 point Major-29 Sept 2007


LadyBug is now a ASFA Field Champion, 14 October 2007

In Canada
Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite
Elgin County Kennel Club-22 Jan2006-Martin Doherty
Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite- Forest City Kennel Club- 13th May 2006-
Judge Tom Nesbitt
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite/Best Puppy- 2 Points-
Forest City Kennel Club-14th May 2006- Judge Tim Doxater
Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite/Best Puppy- Erie Shores Kennel Club -01 June-
Judge C Cyopik
Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite/Best Puppy- Erie Shores Kennel Club -02 June-
Judge G Morison
Winners Bitch/Best Puppy-Erie Shores Kennel Club-03 June-Judge Jose Vidal
Winners Bitch-Erie Shores Kennel Club- 04 June 2006- Judge Les Morison
Winners Bitch-South Counties Hound Breeds Assoc- 04 June 2006- Judge Ed Gilbert
- 2 points
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners- Kilbride Kennel Club-15 July 2006-Judge Chris Neilson - 3 points
Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite- St Catharines Kennel Club- 18 August 2006- Judge Ms K Grant- 1 point
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite-St Catharines Kennel Club- 19 August 2006-
Judge Joe Walton- 3points- Finished!!
First time as a Special- Best of Breed- Group 2nd- St Catharines Kennel Club-20 August 2006
Judge Greg Eva
Best of Breed- Elora Gorge Kennel Club- 27 December 2006-Judge Dr. Adolfo Spector
Best of Breed- Elora Gorge Kennel Club- 28 December 2006- Judge Teresa Gallo

Best of Breed CARA Straight Racing
Princeton, On- 14th and 15th April 2007

"LadyBug" finishes her UKC Championship
29 July 2007

At the last Canadian trial of the season in Southern Ontario...
OLCA- 07 October 2007
LadyBug gets her THIRD Best in Field of the year,
this time on home turf in Canada
With Many, Many, Thanks to Jeanie Martin for taking her coursing/racing, the things she loves to do the best!!!
So far for this year, 2007, she is undefeated in the breed-coursing/straights and ovals!!!

  Ch. Charsada Dreams of Future Past

Brenda Burnsdaxter

In Canada
Reserve Winners Dog and Best Puppy in Breed
Norfolk Kennel Club- 08 April 2006
Judge- Katharine Grant
Reserve Winners Dog- Forest City Kennel Club -
13th May 2006 - Judge Tom Nesbitt
Reserve Winners Dog-Erie Shores Kennel Club
01 June 2006- Judge Charles Cyopik
Reserve Winners Dog- Erie Shores Kennel Club
02 Jun 2006- Judge Gael Morison

Reserve Winners Dog- Kilbride Kennel Club
15 July 2006- Judge Chris Neilson

Reserve Winners Dog-Kilbride Kennel Club
16 July 2006- Judge Sharon Kinney
Best of Breed (over a special) St Catharines Kennel Club 18 August 2006- Judge Ms K Grant- 2 points
Reserve Winners Dog-St Catharines Kennel Club-19August 2006- Judge Joe Walton
Reserve Winners Dog-St Catharines Kennel Club-20 August 2006-Judge Greg Eva
Daxter is now pointed for his CARA- straight racing- title
Winners Dog/Best of Opposite-Brantford Kennel Club-01December 2006-Judge Ole Nielson
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite-Brantford Kennel Club- 02 December 2006-
Judge June Penta-2 points
Winners Dog/Best of Opposite-Brantford Kennel Club- 03 December 2006- Judge Anne Hennigan
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite-Elora Gorge Kennel Club-27 December 2006-
Judge Carol Graham- 1 point
Reserve Winners Dog-Elora Gorge Kennel Club-28 December 2006- Judge Dr. Adolfo Spector
Winners Dog-Elora Gorge Kennel Club-29 December 2006- Judge Teresa Gallo

Reserve Winners Dog- The Purina National-10 March 2007- Judge Frank Sabella
Reserve Winners Dog- The Purina National-11 March 2007- Judge Norman Huidobro Corbett
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite-Norfolk Kennel Club-06 April 2007-
Judge Leslie Rogers-2 points
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite-Norfolk Kennel Club-07 April 2007-
Judge Valerie Gervais- 1 point
Winners Dog/Best of Winners-Seaway Kennel Club-04 May 2007-Judge Maurice Tougas-1 point
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite (over a special)-Seaway Kennel Club-
05May 2007-Judge Judith Shrub- 2points- Finished!!!

Charsada Kramatir Blu Dreams
with Rita Hendrix


In America

Reserve Winners Bitch-Greater Orange Park Dog Club, Jacksonville, FL-
07 Apr 07-Judge Dr. Alvin W. Krause

Winners Bitch/Best Winners/
Best  of Breed over a special- 2points-(broken major)-Treasure Coast Kennel Club , Vero Beach, FL
29 April 07- Judge Dr. Robert Smith

Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite
3 point - MAJOR-Brevard Kennel Club, Orlando, Fl-23 June 07-
Judge Dana Cline

Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite- Jacksonville Dog Fanciers- Jacksonville, Fl- 1 point-
Judge Mr. Frank McCartha
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners- Hernando County Kennel Club-Brooksville, Fl
3 point - Major- 11 November 07- Judge Rita Holloway

New CH. Charsada What Dreams Can Be
with Brenda Burns

 In Canada

Winners Dog/Best of Winners- Erie Shores Kennel Club-Caledonia, On-31May 2007-2 points- Judge Carmen Haller
Winners Dog-Erie Shores Kennel Club-01 June 2007Judge Phyllis Pancel
Winners Dog-Erie Shores Kennel Club- 03 June 2007-Judge Sandra Mashford
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best Bred by Exhibitor/Southern Counties Hound Breeds -Specialty-3 points
Judge Philip John
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Breed-St Catharines Kennel Club, Beamsville, On
17 August 2007 -2 points- Judge Robert Verhulst
Winners Dog/Best of Winners- Wine Country Kennel Club- Fonthill, On- 07 October  2007- 1 point-
Judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman
Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Breed- Brantford Kennel Club, Brantford, On-
30 November 2007- 2 points- Judge Lisa Avery - FINISHED

Charsada Dreams Little Dream
with Brenda Burns
Not liking the show scene but finally a nice Picture :-))

In Canada
Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite- St Catharines Kennel Club- 19 August 2007 - 1 point-
Judge Kay Eldred
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Breed- Oakville Kennel Club-
07 September 2007- 2 points - Judge Lloyd Allwell
Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite- Brantford Kennel Club
01 December 2007- 2 points- Judge Don Emslie

Charsada TopFlite Dreams

Guy Bagley/Sue Russell


In America
Winners Dog/Best of Opposite-1 point
Heartland Dog Club of Florida-23 April 2006
Judge Constance Barton


Charsada Wildest Dreams
Stacey and Shane Bergeron

odie"Odie" does great, his first show, Reserve Winners Dog
at the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Dog Assoc,
Judge Enerique Filippini

Not to be outdone by his children

"Bugs"- Can Ch TopFlite Dreams Kramatir
Goes to America

Winners Dog/Best of Winners- 1 Point-Kennel Club of Buffalo-14 Jan 2006 Judge George Heitzman
Reserve Winners Dog-Wyoming Kennel Club
18 Feb 2006- Judge  Doris Werdemann
Winners Dog- 4 Point Major
Finger Lakes Afghan Hound Club Specialty
07 July 2006- Judge Mark Cocozza
Joining him in the line up for Winners Dog was Malone, from 12-18 and Daxter from Bred By

Winners Dog-1 Point-Kennel Club Of Niagara Falls, NY-11 January 2007-Judge Ms. S. Allen
Winners Dog- 1 Point- Olean Kennel Club, NY-18 Febuary 2007-Judge Dr. R.D. Smith
Reserve Winners Dog- Buffalo Kennel Club-08 July 2007- Judge Pat Trotter
Major Reserve Winners Dog   - Finger Lakes Afghan Hound Club Specialty/Onodaga Kennel Club-29 September 2007- Judge Jane Roppolo
Major Reserve Winners Dog - Kanadasga Kennel Club-30 September 2007- Judge Lisa Warren
Major Reserve Winners Dog- Kennel Club of Buffalo- 11 January 2008- Judge Gretchen Bernardi
Winners Dog- Kennel Club of Buffalo- 12 Jan 2008- Judge Barbara Pepper- 3 point Major
Major Reserve Winners Dog- Ashtabula Kennel Club- 13 January 2008- Judge Judy Webb

Southern Counties Hound Breeds Assoc
Best Stud Dog in Specialty, June 2006
Ch. Topflite Dreams Kramatir

stud dog

Bugs- Malone-Daxter-LadyBug
Judge- Ed Gilbert
Malone-RWD, Best Puppy but due to an entry error was credited with WD
LadyBug- Winners Bitch